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Cancer Research UK

Asked me to: Review the way they where marketing their events programme, including Race for Life & Pretty Muddy, with particular focus on the split in budget between ATL and BTL spend.

They said: Toby was hugely helpful. His approach was detailed, perceptive and insightful. The work he led really enabled us to evaluate things from a broad range of external perspectives. 

St Michaels Hotel & Spa

Asked me to: Help review their digital marketing and project manage the build of their new website.

They said: He is clear, disciplined, down to earth and practical. A good project manager with a great insight into achieving the best from the digital marketing toolkit

Menai Holidays

Asked me to: Project manage the build of two websites and then advise them on marketing strategy and tactics.

They said: I am so lucky and pleased to be working with you and am really delighted with all you have done. I also love that when you need to up a gear, you do so with enthusiasm and instill this same passion in all those working with you.

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