What next?

At the end of the summer, I decided to take some time out. I am now firmly back in the saddle and looking for my next project, business idea or exciting client.

It has been an exhausting few years, mostly because we have two gorgeous young girls. One was a BIG change, two is certainly a lot more than twice the work. Add to that cooking pot the refit of a motorboat and subsequent three month trip through France to the Med, Lena coming to the end of eight years’ training to be a GP and her final exams, a load of gig rowing, my consultancy work, and all the other colourful challenges life, marriage and family throws in along the way, and you get some flavor of what life has been like for the Budd family for the last 1,000 days. I know we have not made it easy for ourselves but hey …

After finishing a big project for St Michael’s Hotel at the end of the summer I took a bit of ‘time out’ to work in the garden, dig some holes with a mini-digger, cycle and finish a few projects at home. A couple of weeks ago that period of unemployment came to an end and I sat down and rebuilt my website. I wanted to attract the ‘right kind of work’ moving forwards and so started with My Story – all the weird and wonderful stuff I have done with my life and the skills and experience I have picked up along the way. I also captured all my testimonials, typed up my case studies and wrote down the marketing services I offer.

I have always been a bit of a spiritual hippy, and now the website is live I am putting this blog post out into the universe to see what it attracts.
I have a rough idea what I am looking for, but am also totally open to any project, business or idea that I can get passionate about and will benefit from my rather varied skill set.
If any of the below resonates with you or someone you know then please get in touch; we can meet for a coffee and see if there is a fit:
  • Business: Do you have a great business you are trying to grow?
  • Startup: Are you involved in an exciting entrepreneurial startup that needs some help?
  • Project: Do you have a one-off project you have struggled to find time for?
  • Inspiration: Is your business in trouble and you need some creative ideas on how to move forward?
  • Investment: Do you have some cash you are looking to invest in an exciting business venture? Something that will give you a good return and also be a right laugh along the way.
Thank you,