Business & Marketing Dashboards

Quality, objective data helps you make good business decisions. Let’s pull all your business KPI data through into a live dashboard.

How would you feel, driving down a busy motorway, with your car’s dashboard covered over?

You might not need to see the dials and warning lights to stay on the road, but keep driving without this information and you’re likely to end up broken down, out of fuel or hit with a speeding fine.

Business is no different. From the board of directors, down to the managers – good data informs good decision making. And good decisions make for a good business. A profitable business.

A business dashboard pulls all your key business data up onto an easy to digest dashboard that you can access from anywhere. It contains all your main KPIs and, just like your car dashboard, it gives the information you need at a glance.

Are you happy with the reports and data you get for your business? Is it live and relevant? Does it empower you to make good decisions?

If you answered no to any of these I would love to talk to you.

Stop making decisions based on ‘subjective’ opinion, and start making them based on solid ‘objective’ data.

If you think a business or marketing dashboard would help your business then please give me a call and we can talk about your business KPIs.

What I do for you


The first thing I do is undertake a remote ‘audit’ of your business systems and software. I need to do this to work out how we integrate them with your new cloud based dashboard.


I come to you and run a workshop to work out what KPIs we want to have on the dashboard, what each one means, how we calculate it and most importantly what decisions each KPI will help inform.

KPI List

Following the workshop I put together a technical document detailing all the KPIs you want on your dashboard. Once you have signed this off I can start work.

Build your dashboard

I go away to a dark room with some coffee and a packet of Hobnobs and build your dashboard. I then hand it over with a support document.

Choose a Dashboard Provider

There are a number of cloud based Dashboard providers out there. I will look at your spec and requirements and then recommend one for your business. I will ask you to pay for this direct. Costs vary, but £50 a month is a good average.


What is a business dashboard?