Marketing Consultancy

You essentially buy my time to give you advice and guidance. Simply ‘Pay as you Go’ with no commitment or contracts. 

Are you looking for a better return on your marketing spend?

In the last twenty years, marketing has gone through a tectonic shift, and most of my customers have found it exhausting trying to keep up. They have struggled to get a handle on all the new digital channels and have often fallen prey to scams and quick win promises.

As a freelance marketing consultant I can offer you impartial, no-nonsense marketing advice. Marketing is really just the process of buying customers, and I can help you buy more customers for less – or in other words get a much better ROI on your marketing spend.

If you don’t feel like your marketing and sales are delivering the new customers your business needs then please get in touch. Let’s meet for a coffee and give me a chance to tell you my story. We can then look at your business, its current marketing and sales results and I will give you an honest ‘Ronseal’ appraisal of how I can help and what tangible results you can expect as a result.

Here are some of the things I can help with:

Strategy – Working out where you want to go and when you want to arrive – then making a plan to get there.

Customers – Understanding your customers is key – where they are, what they look like, what questions they have and most importantly what problem you are going to solve for them.

Branding – This is MUCH more than just a logo – it is the DNA of your company. Your brand is owned by your customer, not you. We need to make sure you have a strong and clear brand that you maintain across ALL areas of your business.

Your message – Is it so simple a child can understand what you do and how you help people?

The Market – Where do you sit in the market place? Who are your competition? What does the marketplace look like to your customers?

Website – Making sure its working for you, and your customers, as an efficient conversion tool.

PPC – Paying to get to the top in Google. I can help make sure you are spending your budget well, review your campaigns, ad-copy, account set up and your reporting systems.

SEO – Getting to the top in Google for free. Today this is so important and normally makes up a significant part of any marketing strategy I write.

Content Marketing – Telling your story and answering your customers’ questions.

Customer Reviews – Increasingly important for any business.

Advertising – Both digital and traditional advertising still work, but it’s getting much harder to get a good ROI. Let’s make sure you are not throwing money down this black hole.

Emails – IF done properly email is still a VERY powerful marketing tool. I will make sure you’re managing your lists and database properly and leveraging them to build better relationships with your customers and get them buying more of whatever it is you sell.

PR & Outreach – Getting other people to talk about you and link to you.

Video & Photography – Showing people visually what you do and how you can help them.

Social Media – How to use it is as a powerful part of your overall marketing toolbox.

Campaigns – Shouting about something specific and making sure the right people hear what you have to say and respond.

Reporting Dashboards – Making sure you are measuring all of your activity and spend with useful and relevant KPIs

Print – No matter what you have heard, print is NOT dead. Leaflets, flyers, posters and brochures can still be a very effective and powerful marketing channel – if done properly. What’s more, print costs have never been so low.

Signage – So many people get this wrong. Keep it simple with a clear message. A good sign or banner will give you some of the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

Exhibitions – From trade shows to networking events, let’s make sure you are going with a simple and clear message on well designed banners and stands.

Sales – Making sure the enquiries your marketing creates are converted into customers.