Interim Marketing Director 

At a board level I can help steer the marketing strategy and budget. On the ground I can support, train and mentor the executive.

Are you worried about your marketing and sales department?

Do you feel they lack direction and focus?

Are they simply not delivering the business growth you need?

If your business is not large enough to justify a full time marketing director then I can add real value by stepping into this role a few days a month.

Not only can I sit at a board level to give strategic direction and focus to your sales and marketing, but I can also get involved at an executive level, supporting your team, training and helping them getting real sales results.

If you think I can help your business in this role then please get in touch. I will take a look at your marketing and sales and give you an honest appraisal of how much I can help and what results you can expect.

I will then put together a quote for what support and time I think you need and for how long.