Wedding Videos

”Toby produced the most original and brilliant wedding video for us. The personal narrative, along with beautiful footage, created a film that encompasses stories behind us and the day. Something we’ll treasure forever.”

Tom Telford 

Telling your story

A couple of years ago I did a wedding video for a good friend when they got married. When people saw it on Facebook they loved the ‘storytelling format’ I used and asked if I could do the same for them.

As well as capturing the preparations, service, speeches and party I use interviews and anecdotes to tell your story. Your journey to this milestone moment, told by you and your closest friends and family.

On the day before the wedding I will interview the couple, as well as parents, close family and friends. I will also collect anecdotes from guests on the day.

If you are thinking about getting a video done for your wedding please get in touch: [email protected]

For £1,950 you get an amazing video that not only captures the day but includes a rich and engaging story of your life and journey together.

You get three videos:

  • Social Edit: Within 24 hours you get a two minute video set to music. A montage of clips that allow you to re-live the day on your honeymoon. You can share this video on social media, or with friends and family via a private link.
  • Full Edit: You get the full edit including the interviews, ceremony, speeches and after party within two weeks. This is normally a very personal video that the couple only share with very close family and friends via a password protected link.
  • Trimmed Full Edit: This is the full edit minus any personal interviews or elements you asked to be removed after seeing the full edit. This video can then be shared more publicly to a wider circle of friends and family. 

I film:

  1. On the day before:
    1. Preparation of the venue on the day before.
    2. Any informal social gathering that evening.
    3. Interview close family and friends as well as the couple. 
  2. On the day:
    1. The bride and groom getting ready 
    2. Guests arriving at the venue 
    3. The wedding ceremony including three camera angles and professional audio 
    4. After the ceremony and confetti
    5. The atmosphere of the after party, guests chatting, kids playing etc 
    6. The speeches with a two camera setup and professional audio 
    7. Record anecdotal stories and messages from guests 
    8. Dancing and drunken Tomfoolery

You get:

  • All the orriginal footage on a hard drive as well as backed up to the cloud 
  • The PremierePro files in case you want any re-edits in the future 
  • Complete un-restricted copyright on all content 
  • Videos as MP4 files – all in HD