Do you need a new website? Or maybe your existing site just needs a refresh? I can add real value helping you get a website that really works hard for your business.

Does your website need a redesign or overhaul?

Today a business website is such an important part of your customers journey you can’t afford for it to be anything but outstanding.

I have been building, or project managing the build of websites for over twenty years. During this time the changes in design, UX, SEO and web technology have been tectonic.

Today, most websites I see built suffer from the 80/20 problem. Eighty percent of the time, money and energy is spent on getting a ‘cool design‘ or ‘trying to be different‘. And only twenty percent is allocated to key phrase research, optimisation, content, photography, video, testing, outreach and ongoing maintenance. I can understand this, the design part is sexy and fun, and then it tends to get boring. But in my opinion it should be the other way around.

I have owned and run my own businesses, so when a client asks me to help them with a website redesign or overhaul, I come at it from a business perspective, not a creative one. Yes, the creative part is important, but I am much more interested in how new site is going to meet the business need, delivering lots of new customers and giving you good return on this normally significant marketing investment.

I don’t build websites myself any more, but I can help you build yours. I can add real value by using my experience to:

  1. Review your existing website – Use heat maps, analytics and testing to find out what’s working and more importantly what isn’t.
  2. Develop your new website brief – Take all this objective research together with anecdotal feedback from your team, your business strategy and web wish list, to write a detailed and robust web specification you can ask agencies to quote on.
  3. Choose a web partner – Help you shortlist and then choose a digital agency (or freelancer). Assessing their strengths, attitude and long term suitability.
  4. Project manage the build – Oversee the project on your behalf, making sure all aspects of the build come together at the right time, and to the right quality.
  5. Migration – Make sure the migration follows best practice and that you don’t ‘drop the ball’ on this critical part of the process.
  6. Handover – Once the new site has settled down, hand it over to your team along with a robust maintinace, content and testing schedule to really make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

Worried your current website is not working as well as it could?

Why not apply for one of my FREE 5-minute video audits. I go through your site, looking at usability, speed, structure, SEO and all sorts of other factors, and then send you the video audit.