Cornwall Council

”He is loyal, trustworthy, energetic and patient.

How it started

As one of the largest transport providers in the area we had a close working relationship with Cornwall County Council. Part of their strategic aim was to increase use of public transport, for locals and visitors. We worked together over a number of years on the FalRiver Links project, as well as on travel cards and other projects.

The County Council is the strategic authority in Cornwall and has been working to develop sustainable water-borne projects in partnership with other organisations in and around Falmouth.

I have been working with Toby on a professional level for around three years, during which time he has been proficient in delivering some very important initiatives. These include the nationally renowned Falmouth Park & Float project, as well as the development of other integrated travel services like the ‘Fal River Links’ project.

Toby has been a lynch pin in these projects, working tirelessly and energetically over the period. He has worked on his own initiative for much of the time and absorbed considerable pressure with good humor.

I am confident that Toby’s skills are multifaceted and that he is capable of making strong and positive contributions wherever he becomes involved. He is loyal, trustworthy, energetic and patient.

— Colin Jarvis, Cornwall County Council