Exeter Dental Centre

”After hearing my vision and brief he structured a detailed marketing plan and timetable of implementation. Can’t recommend highly enough.

How it started

When Mike left the forces he bought the Exeter Dental Centre and signed up to some coaching with Jonathan Fine at Breathe Business. I was recommended to help with the marketing and after a really positive meeting we set to work.

What I did

Mike had plans to grow the practice and needed to significantly increase their patient numbers to feed this capacity.

I started by writing Mike a ‘Ronseal’ marketing plan that broke everything down into manageable chunks of work. Marketing can be overwhelming at times, so it’s important to not just look at the big picture and strategy, but also make a clear and achievable plan that the client can get their head around. Taking just a few things at a time, fixing them and moving on. Good marketing takes time, and I worked with Mike over the course of two years to get things in order and make sure we met his new patient targets.

Mike was a breath of fresh air to work with. He was open to new ideas and liked getting lots of feedback, and then when the time came was not afraid to make a decision and crack on.

Stuff I helped Mike with:

  • Wrote a marketing strategy and budget
  • Project managed marketing tasks and campaigns
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Sales process and systems
  • Reporting and conversion tracking
  • Social media policy
  • Project managed the build of his website
  • Advised and brand and had a brand book made to help with continuity
  • Helped with campaigns, print, signage and other misc marketing activity  

He is creative but has the right blend of project management skills as well, which was important as I didn’t want a ‘creative’ changing direction all the time.

Toby is very smart and good to work with and so are his team.

After hearing my vision and brief he has structured a marketing plan and a timetable of implementation. He separated tasks into ‘housekeeping’ (ppc, seo, website amends etc) and ‘campaigns’ – and applies a budget to each. So it is easy to see where I’m spending the company monies.

Can’t recommend highly enough.

— Mike Hesketh, Owner & Principal Dentist, The Exeter Dental Centre