Putney Chiro

”Toby has transformed our marketing and we now enjoy a 1000% ROI on our marketing spend.

How it started

Craig was an accountancy client of The Peloton when I was working there as Marketing Director. Founder Mike Hutch suggested to Craig that I could build him a new website and improve his marketing strategy.

What I did

To start with we rebuilt the Putney Chiropractic website. This was a significant job as the old site had hundreds of pages and posts and we moved them all over manually, bringing them up to date and refreshing the content. The new site is still live today after seven years and delivers a steady stream of new patients to the busy clinic in London. After the website was live I went on to help Craig with:

  • SEO: Organic search is a vital channel for this service business and London is a very competitive space for our target keyphrases. We worked hard to improve on-site optimisation and posted regular blogs and downloads as well as off site outreach and link building. 3WhiteHats assisted with the site migration and strategy in the early days. We set up keyphrase tracking to monitor our SERP position on a monthly basis and set up goals in analytics to visualise a funnel for each keyphrase cluster to see which ones converted the best.
  • Content Marketing: Closely related to SEO, we wrote thousands of words for Putney, including blog posts, fixed content, campaigns, downloads and printed collateral. We tracked traffic, engagement and conversions on a spreadsheet so we could refine our strategy as we went.
  • Email marketing: We set up their Mailchimp accounts, lists and campaign templates and put a system in place for managing lists alongside their business CRM.
  • PPC: Paid search was something new for Putney, we worked with 3WhiteHats to set up their campaign which we refined over time until it was delivering a really solid ROAS.
  • Business Dashboards: I built a live dashboard using Geckoboard. This aggregated live data from their practice management software, Facebook, Analytics, Xero, Google Sheets, Mailchimp and other software into a live dashboard which showed all the main business performance KPIs in one place. This really changed the decision making culture in the business in a very positive way and removed a lot of subjective guesswork.
  • Video: We produced a whole load of video for the website, which included interviews with the chiropractors, explainer videos, home page videos and other video content that helped them tell their story and answer their customers’ questions.
  • Strategy: From the start I helped frame their business and marketing strategy.
  • Chiro.London: A couple of years ago Craig, along with his business partner Luke Brady, launched a new chain of chiropractors in London called Chiro.London. They now have five practices and are growing. We built the new website and provided similar marketing services to Putney.

Once all this was set up there was not much value I could add and so we agreed I would step back. Tommy Tonkins, one of my team at the time agreed to carry on helping out Craig, and to this day he still writes content, manages the website and other marketing activity. Craig is still a good friend who I see from time to time.


Toby has transformed the marketing of Putney Chiropractic and we now enjoy a 1,000% ROI on our marketing spend.

Let’s call him an ideas man who has taken our busy chiropractic clinic up a gear. He has done this with a wide range of tactics, including 'meet the chiropractor' and testimonial videos, a complete website overhaul and behind the scenes SEO and PPC protocols. He also put in place an online ‘Dr Evil’ style tracking platform, a business performance dashboard that allows me to keep track of the business KPIs and see how we are performing – live.

If it’s formal and stuffy you are after then Toby is not for you, if it’s relaxed and efficient then Toby is your man. He will always go the extra mile, even cross-dressing during a village carnival to ensure he understands the full needs of his clients.

— Craig McLean, Putney Chiropractic