St Michaels Hotel

”Toby has made a very valuable contribution to our marketing, and made it fun in the process.”

How it started 

I bumped into Nigel in a local cafe, we got chatting about marketing and he asked if I might be able to St Michaels.

The following week we had a very open and honest conversation about where he and the business were going, and what he needed his marketing to deliver. After a massive £8.5 million re-development including a new Health Club, Destination Spa and a significant increase in room stock, the pressure on his marketing team, budget and strategy was significant. The big re-launch was scheduled for that summer (six months away) and there was a lot to do. I told him what I felt the priorities were and how I could help; Nigel then asked me if I could work on a two day a week retainer to help oversee these projects.

What I did

The big priority was a new website. The website at the time was very dated, hard for users to navigate and had a number of technical problems. We commissioned an agency to design and custom build a new website and over a period of six months I project managed the build, collected content, liaised with their SEO and PPC, oversaw integrations with numerous third-party software providers and helped design a new hotel booking engine.

As well as project managing the new website build, I was involved in and advised on:

  • SEO strategy and content marketing
  • Email marketing, list management, and GDPR compliance
  • PPC account set up and strategy
  • Photography shoots
  • Writing the brief for a set of new videos and then oversaw the shoot
  • Brand guidelines and tone of voice
  • Social media strategy
  • Reporting and KPI analysis
  • Sales process and systems

I was at the St. Michaels Hotel for eight months until James, the new marketing director was in post, and I was able to hand over to him.

Toby has been a much-valued colleague in helping to make some significant improvements on our digital marketing.

He is clear, disciplined, down to earth and practical

A good project manager with a great insight into achieving the best from the digital marketing toolkit

Toby has made a very valuable contribution to our marketing, and made it fun in the process”

On a personal level, Toby, you have been great to work with. I love your attitude to life and your determination to achieve a good work-life balance. Your commitment to your wife, home and family is lovely to see.

— Nigel Carpenter, St Michaels Hotel